Other venues –  11 unique sauna lounges

Besides Astoria, Sauna2 tilaussaunat Oy Corporation also offers you 11 unique locations, two of which are premium seaside Villas, fabulous sauna lounges and outstanding meetings room around or even at the heart of Helsinki. Some of the venues even have swimming pools, bathtub or jacuzzi.


Overall design of all Sauna2 Lounges is fresh and modern. Size of sauna lounges may vary between 100m2 even up to 630 m2.


Amenities of Sauna2 saunas

  • tableware
  • sound system
  • TV
  • towels for 12 guests
  • normal post cleaning


Food and drinks

You can bring your own catering to all our saunas, but in case you wish to save time and energy order catering from our customer service. Our head Chef is ready to plan a delicious meal according to your wishes. None of the saunas holds the government liquor license so feel free to bring your own drinks!


Online bookings and fast customer service

Sauna2 Tilaussaunat Oy Corporation has been investing heavily on online service and customer service. Take a look at the photos of the venues, try Unrealer 3D virtual tour on our website or watch a video. In case of any question contact Sauna2 Customer Service via telephone, chat or email. All Sauna2 reservations can be booked online 24/7.


Sauna2 Tilaussauna Oy Corporation is proud to provide service produced in Finland. Avainlippu (“Key Flag”) is a Finnish seal awarded by the Association for Finnish Work. Like the “Good from Finland” seal for food and the “Domestic Plants” seal for plants, the “Key Flag” is devoted to companies promoting domestic products and services. Services must be provided by companies with headquarters in Finland with at least 50% domestic ownership.


Sauna2 Sales Team

Tel. +358 (0) 207 349 940

E-mail info@sauna2.fi

Customer Service Mon-Fri 8-18 and Sat 10-18


Tutustu muihin tiloihimme sivulla www.sauna2.fi


Check out our other Sauna2 lounges www.sauna2.f

Sauna2 lounges

Should you need a seaside villa for your team activities or a central city lounge for a quick meetup in a design setting you’ll find a solution for all kinds of events from Sauna2 Lounges and Villas. Try Unrealer 3D virtual tour on our website to see more detailed view of a specific Sauna2 location. In case you need help choosing the right venue ask for more details from our customer service.


Suitable venues for all size of events


Two premium seaside Villas


Catering2 at your service


Bookings online 24/7


You can bring your own drinks to all of our sauna lounges!


We are pleased to help you regarding any questions